Do I need an editor or writing coach?
Writing a book can be a struggle. While you may have been able to get some great writing on paper how do you know if it will really connect and convey the idea you're trying to share? Maybe you have grown too close to the writing itself and it has become difficult to see where macro issues like pacing is off. Or it is possible that there are small details that are making it hard for a reader to follow your thought process. It’s always a good idea to seek extra support when you need it. A Writing coach can help you identify your blindspots and help you improve your craft. People who get a writing coach are the ones who are willing to do the work needed to effectively convey their story.

How can a writing coach help me?
A life coach can help you in a variety of areas. Professionally, a writing coach can help you focus on your key story focus [whether fiction or non-fiction] and help you concentrate on the needs of your key market. A writing coach is also a writer and so they are able to help you talk through the creative process if you're trying to drill down in your fiction plot or create a useful illustration for your book on personal finance.

Personally, a writing coach can help you push through the tough and lonely days in your life as an author. We also help you improve your communication through your writing and improve your satisfaction with your writing life. It is all integrated.

What about the courses you are releasing?
Throughout 2020-2021 I will be releasing a series of courses through this website as well as other widely known course websites (more details on that coming soon). Through these courses I hope to help address issues that my clients have asked me about over the last 13 years. These include questions on budgeting (as a self-employed individual), time management, writing craft, creative writing for homeschoolers, term paper writing for homeschoolers, and book writing for public speakers.

In addition to this I will have a series of courses geared toward adult learners. These courses will help people who are trying to balance the increased responsibilities of family, relationships, finances, and time management that come with life in your late 20s and beyond. This will include a special series of courses geared just for Nurses who wish to go back for their MSN or CRNA. There are more details coming soon with that.



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